Exhibitions :

  • “Aquatic Imaging & Reality Fractions” (Exhibition Curator), Havagazi Culture Center, Izmir/Turkey, March 2019
  • “Song of Silence meets Seeds of Silence” (solo), Norsk TaiJi Center, Oslo/Norway, December 2018
  • “Song of Silence” (solo), Body Mind Spirit Festival, Oslo/Norway, November 2018
  • “Aquatic Imaging” (Exhibition Curator), Digital Photography & Printing Expo, Izmir/Turkey, April 2018
  • “Aquatic Visions” (solo), 15th International Marmara Image Festival, Turkey, September 2015
  • “Water Arts” (shared), 2nd International Photography Days, Turkey, October 2013
  • “The Underwater World of Rico Besserdich” (solo), ScubaCam Image Festival, Slovakia, March 2012
  • “Underwater Worlds” (shared), 1st International Photography Days, Turkey, October 2011
  • “The Museum Ship” (shared), Izmir/Turkey, October 2011
  • “Mavi Mystique II” (solo), Kas/Antalya/Turkey, October 2010
  • “Mavi Mystique I” (solo),  Society of Photography Fine Arts, Izmir/Turkey, May 2010

Book publications :

  • Song of Silence – A Book About Water – published November 2017
    A visual-philosophic journey into the beauty and importance of the element that unites all living beings on Planet Earth, water.
    30x30cm, Hard Cover, 132 pages, 104 photographs, 97 text contributions, English. ISBN: 978-605-82119-0-2
    For further information and orders: www.songofsilence.com
  • Underwater Photography I (basic) – published July 2015
    Official book for the specialty course. DIWA, Diving Instructor World Association.
    Available in English, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.
  • Underwater Photography II (advanced) – published November 2015
    Official book for the specialty course. DIWA, Diving Instructor World Association
    Available in English, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.

Judged contests:

  • UnderwaterPhotography.com – International (annual judge)
  • ScubaCam Nature & Wildlife Festival & Contest – Slovakia (judge)
  • EUDI PHOTO Contest – Italy (judge + name-giver of the “Rico Besserdich Creative Photography Award”)
  • AFAD International Photography Competition (judge)
  • OASIS International Wildlife & Nature Photography Contest (judge + chief judge of the category “underwater”)
  • MISS MERMAID USA International Underwater Model Contest (head of judges)
  • ADEX 2016 ‘Voice of the Ocean Photography & Arts Contest’ (judge)
  • SIENA International Photography Awards 2017 (judge)
  • MYSHOT 2017 by X-RAY Mag & Scubaportal (judge)

Memberships :

  • OCEAN ARTISTS SOCIETY (http://www.oceanartistssociety.org)
  • British Society of Underwater Photographers
  • Izmir Society of Photography Fine Arts
  • Turkish Association of Fine Arts Photographers
  • OCEANUS Marine Research Group
  • International Association of Dive Professionals

Special features :

  • DIVE THE WORLD magazine – International (featured photographer)
  • UW360 – Asia (underwater photographer of the month)
  • Deniz magazine – Turkey (featured photographer)
  • The Equalizer magazine – Egypt (featured photographer)
  • 72&rising magazine – Australia (featured photographer)
  • UNDERSEA TRAVEL magazine – Korea (featured photographer)
  • Balik Dergisi magazine – Turkey (featured photographer)
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC online – International (Editor’s choice)
  • WETPIXEL.com – International (featured photographer)
  • ASIAN DIVER magazine – Singapore (featured photographer)
  • SCUBA DIVER TTL – Asia (Special edition “102 inspiring photographers you must know”)
  • Milliyet newspaper – Turkey (featured photographer)
  • SUBMERGE Magazine – South Africa (featured photographer)
  • SCUBA DIVER OCEAN PLANET – Asia (Special Edition “Inspiring Images of Iconic Locations”)


  • Workshop leader “Artistic Underwater Photography”, Saar Academy of Fine Arts, Germany
  • Special guest at 2018 Nobel Dialogue “Water Matters”, Stockholm
  • Curator/Project Leader “Aquatic Imaging” Art exhibition, Izmir Photography trade show
  • Expert/Advisor for photography and scuba-diving, Coleman Research Group
  • Facilitator at the “Sustainable Diving Think Tank”, Blue Ocean Network
  • Photography Editor – 72&rising Magazine – Australia
  • Technical Advisor – EASYDIVE, underwater photography equipment
  • Creator of the scuba-diving specialty courses Underwater Photography 1&2 and Underwater Model – DIWA / Diving Instructor World Association
  • Chief Technical Advisor – CARBONARM
  • Member of the Board of Advisors, Diveadvisor.com
  • Curator “Macro Edition” – Edition Fifty Fathoms
  • Underwater Photography Advisor – Izmir Society of Photography Fine Arts
  • Founder & head of the “photo critics” team, underwaterphotography.com
  • Field Photojournalist – ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC magazine
  • Contributing photographer & writer for: Divemaster, TAUCHEN, Dykking, Asian Diver, Scuba Diver Through The Lens, Scuba Diver – Ocean Planet, X-RAY Mag, The SUB2o, 72&rising, UwP Mag, UW360, WETPIXEL, Underwater Photography Guide, Asian Geographic

Speeches & Presentations (in extracts):

  • “Water – Source of all Life” – Riksdagen (Swedish Parliament), Nov. 2017, Stockholm/Sweden
  • “Water, Life & Pablo Neruda” – Embassy of Chile, 2017, Stockholm/Sweden
  • “Song of Silence – The Journey of an Aquatic Imaging Artist” – Nobel Museum, 2017, Sweden
  • “The magic of underwater photography” – Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts
  • ”Arts & Underwater Photography” – ADEX Show 2016, Singapore
  • “Introduction to underwater photography” – Society of Photography Fine Arts, Turkey
  • “Insights of a PRO” – ScubaCam Festival, Slovakia
  • “The art of uw photography” – International Photography Days 2011, Turkey
  • “A Underwater Photographer” – Wildlife & Nature Photography Association, Turkey
  • “The Rico Besserdich Creative Photography Award” – EUDI Show 2013, Italy
  • “Introduction” – UW Photography Days, Ankara
  • “Aquatic Photography Arts” – International Photography Days 2013, Turkey
  • “Mindset Development for Underwater Photographers – EUDI Show 2014, Italy
  • “Underwater Model Photography” – EUDI Show 2014, Italy
  • “UW Photography as a Profession / Working with magazines – EUDI Show 2014, Italy
  • “Water as an creative element in photography” – ÖZER SANAT, Turkey
  • “Art, Culture & Water” (expert round, symposium) – BOOT Show 2015, Germany
  • Experts round “Underwater Photography/Videography” – BOOT Show 2015, Germany
  • Rico Besserdich’s 6 Points Concept to successful UW Photographs, Marmara Festival 2015, Istanbul
  • “The Photographer’s Eye” – DEMA Show 2015, Orlando/USA
  • “New Concepts of Teaching Underwater Photography – DEMA Show 2015, Orlando/USA
  • “Ambient Light Underwater Photography” – DEMA Show 2015, Orlando/USA
  • ”Mindset Development for Underwater Photographers” – ADEX Show 2016, Singapore
  • “How to be an underwater model” – ADEX Show 2017, Singapore
  • “Song of Silence, A Mission for Water”, ADEX Show 2018, Singapore
  • Aquatic Imaging – A Mission for Water, Izmir Photography Trade Fair, April 2018

Magazine publications (not complete and in no specific order):

  • “ULUBURUN – The Oldest Shipwreck of the World” (text & images)
    X-RAY magazine (international), ASIAN DIVER magazine (Singapore), DIVEMASTER magazine (Germany), Submarine magazine (Hungary)
  • “Sirens & Mermaids – Myths of the Sea” (text & images)
    ASIAN DIVER magazine, Singapore
  • “The Dakota airplane wreck in Turkey”
    THE TIMES, United Kingdom
  • “The Sea is my best Friend – Kurdish Clamfishermen in Turkey” (text & images)
    ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC magazine (Singapore), Dykking Bladet (Norway)
  • “The DAKOTA Airplane Wrecks in Turkey” (text & images)
    TAUCHEN magazine, Germany
  • “A fresh approach to underwater photography”
    SCUBA DIVER THROUGH THE LENS – Scuba Diver Ocean Planet Magazine, Singapore/Europe/USA
  • “Composition in Underwater Photography” (ongoing knowledge series since 01/2011)
    DIVEMASTER magazine, Germany
  • “Underwater Black&White Photography” (text & images)
    72&rising magazine, Australia
  • “Compiling Portfolios” (text & images)
    X-RAY Magazine
  • “The Dakota airplane wreck in Turkey”
    DAILY MIRROR, United Kingdom
  • “Mindset Development for Underwater Photographers” (text & images)
    THE Sub2O magazine – International
  • “Underwater Model Photography” (text & images)
    DIVEMASTER magazine, Germany
  • “Creative Underwater Photography” (ongoing series since 03/2013)
    THE Sub2O magazine – International
  • “Diving in Turkey”  text & images)
    Dykking Bladet, Norway
  • “One Thousand And One Blues: The Aegean Sea of Turkey”
    SCUBA DIVER THROUGH THE LENS – Scuba Diver Ocean Planet Magazine, Singapore/Europe/USA
  • “Marine Conservation in China” (text)
    72&rising magazine, Australia
  • “EASYDIVE LEO II underwater housing test & review” (text & images)
    Wetpixel.com , UwP magazine, Divemaster magazine, 72&rising magazine
  • “Corals – Forests of the Sea”
  • “Image with a message – Marine Conservation”
    72&rising magazine, Australia
  • “Photographing common subjects in a different way” (text & images)
    inFocus magazine, United Kingdom
  • “Postproduction/Editing of Underwater Images series” (text & images)
    DYKKING magazine, Norway
  • “Developing the Mindset of a Successful Image Maker” (text & images), X-RAY MAG

The above listed publications are only a few examples out of more than 200 publications.

Other contributions :

  • Covershot – “Dakota Hunter” (A book by Hans Wiessmann about the DC3 airplanes)
  • Covershot (book) -“Atmosfera seguido de Parasangas” by Antidio Cabal
  • Covershot, DERIN Magazine, Turkey
  • Covershot – 72&rising magazine, Australia
  • Covershot – Divemaster magazine, Germany
  • Covershot & several photos published – “Derinlerin Sirri” (a book about secrets of the Turkish Mediterranean Sea)
  • Several photo contributions to “Doctors without Borders”, supporting Yolanda Typhoon victims in the Philippines
  • Article “Artistic Underwater Macro Photography” (text & images) – Underwater Photography Guide online
  • Article “Underwater Panorama Photography” (text & images) – Underwater Photography Guide online
  • Several contributions to the “Ask the PROs” series at wetpixel.com

Awards :

  • DIWA Award 2015 (best photographer)
  • Gold medal 2010, category “macro” – underwaterphotography.com
  • World Champion 2011/12 – underwaterphotography.com
  • Merit for Excellence Award 2013 – Ocean Geographic Society
  • University Award – 9. Eyluel University, Faculty of Fine Arts
  • “Best Black&White Underwater Photographs of all Times” – Edition Fifty Fathoms
  • “Finalist 2012” – The OPEN of Photography

Other qualifications :

  • Instructor Trainer ( Moniteur 3 ) – CMAS/IAC (International Aquanautic Club)
  • Advanced Underwater Photography Instructor – CMAS
  • Oxygen First Aid Instructor – DAN (Divers Alert Network)

Testimonials :

  • “The energy this guy shows and his commitment to the underwater photography world is hard to beat.” [ Dray Van Beeck ]
  • “Rico Besserdich’s stunning photographic work, his long term dedication to, and deep understanding of, the Fine Arts means that he was always going to stand out from the crowd. Along with his award winning photography, his clear vision and insight have helped in his trajectory to international fame and recognition.”
    [ Dr. Richard Wylie ]
  • “Without water there’s is no life, without art there is no appreciation of one’s passion. Rico certainly has filled both gaps. Astounding imaginary of the water world through his eyes is beyond words, truly something for the senses to experience.” [ Vishnu Rajendran Amboo ]
  • “One of the most creative minds of modern uw photography” [ Christian Mietz ]
  • “One of his many extraordinary skills which I like most, is his “out-of-the-box“ thinking, that makes his pictures to real eye catchers. Enjoying his artfully created portraits, macros or wide angle shots, his excellence in every category makes your eyes sparkling and your soul craving for the next dives !” [ Henry Jager ]
  • “Rico’s work intrigued me by its vivid color, sharpness, and excellent composition. I could tell by his work that he knew what he was doing.  He has a vast knowledge and passion for underwater photography and his images show it”. [ Sam Zierke ]
  • “Rico has a real ‘eye’ for underwater photography” [ Benny Sutton ]