Rico Besserdich is a German photographer, journalist & artist who lives in the Republic of Turkey. Looking back to 37 years of photography, Rico became specialized in aquatic photography in 2001, working on his own unique visions to express his love to the element H2O through his images and stories. The term „Aquatic Photography“ includes every kind of  photography that uses water as creative element of artistic expression and is as such not „limited“ to classic underwater photography only. His photographic, artistic and journalistic works are published in numerous magazines, books and online publications all around the world, translated into 9 different languages.  Newest publications, projects and activities of Rico are always announced on his official Facebook page.

Rico Besserdich - Aquatic Photographer

Rico was born 1968 in Leonberg/Germany. In the age of 10 he started to become interested in photography and joined later first workshops at his school, especially about black&white photography. For this he used an old middle-format „Weltaflex“ camera and started to develop his own photos in a darkroom.

As Rico in fact dreamed of to study photography, this possibility was never given to him. He graduated from middle-school only and since he moved out parents home with 18 and had to work for his living, he didn’t have any time & money for such things. As a photographer, he is 100% autodidact (self-tought). The basics of photography he learned by reading the book „The Complete Photographer“ by Andreas Feininger ( published 1978 ) and by lots of practicing, of course.

He worked in many professions in his life : as a barman, for 10 years as professional musician (bass guitar & double bass), taxi-driver, as clerk for the government, in insurance business, as simple worker in a factory and as co-manager of a movie & music production studio. As a musician, he was for 5 years under contract at the Musical „The Buddy Holly Story“ in Hamburg ( Germany ), he had several own music groups with regular public concerts and he was member of the „Schmidt’s Mitternachts-Show“ band that ran for years in Hamburg and was often broadcasted live on TV.

For many years, Rico’s main focus was on music, but he always continued to take photos. Actually he is and was always interested in all kind of arts.

A big change happened, when Rico applied for a diving course in Turkey during a holiday in 1997. He felt in love with the underwater world right from the first „compressed air breath“ on. From that point on, Rico spent all time he was able to spare for scuba diving. He quit his career as professional musician and decided to go back to a more „natural life“. He applied for all necessary courses, worked on his diving knowledge & abilities and became a scuba diving instructor in the year 2000.

In 2001, he started with underwater photography. Since the year 2010, underwater photography is his full-time profession. (See „References“ )

In March 2015 Rico was assigned International Director of UW Photography ( head of department ) at DIWA – Diving Instructors World Association.


Newest publications, projects and activities of Rico are always announced on his official Facebook page.