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Rico Besserdich, born in 1968 in Germany, is an aquatic imaging artist, visual philosopher, lecturer, keynote speaker, professional underwater photographer, and journalist. He has been involved in photography since 1978.
His mission to raise awareness for the importance of water earned him recognition by the NOBEL Organisation, the United Nations, the Swedish Parliament, the Amitié Sans Frontières Organisation, and Prince Albert of Monaco, among others.
His more than 250 photography-related articles had been published in magazines and books all around the world, translated into 11 different languages.
Rico worked as a guest lecturer of artistic underwater photography at the German HBK Saar academy of fine arts. His photographic work was awarded by National Geographic, Ocean Geographic, DIWA, PADI, and The OPEN of Photography.
In various international photography competitions, he participated as a juror.
His 2 books about underwater photography are the only ones of their kind that are published in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese as well.
Rico Besserdich was one of the curators of the underwater-photography related art book series „Edition Fifty Fathoms“, published by Blancpain.

For more than a decade, his photography inspired people all over the world.

Rico Besserdich


Prof. Dr. Rolf Sachsse

Rector, SAAR Academy of Fine Arts

‘His work is absolutely fabulous!”

Ernie Brooks

Ernest H. Brooks

Photographer, Pilot, Diver

“An artist with a beautiful purpose in Life.”

Friedrich Naglschmid

Dr. F. Naglschmid

Scientist, Editor

‘With Rico Besserdich water has found its protagonist’.

Vishnu R. Amboo

Professional Photographer

“Without water there’s is no life, without art there is no appreciation of one’s passion. Rico certainly has filled both gaps. Astounding imaginary of the water world through his eyes is beyond words, truly something for the senses to experience.”

Dr. Richard Wylie

Founder/Ceo – Eukafiia Research

“Rico Besserdich’s stunning photographic work, his long term dedication to, and deep understanding of, the Fine Arts means that he was always going to stand out from the crowd.”

Henry Jager

Artist, Photographer

“One of his many extraordinary skills which I like most, is his “out-of-the-box“ thinking, that makes his pictures to real eye catchers. Enjoying his artfully created images makes your eyes sparkling and your soul craving for more!” 

José Goñi

Ambassador of Chile to Sweden

“His work is unbelievable!”

Olov Amelin

Director, NOBEL Museum

“Rico Besserdich is on a mission to save our planet.”

Joe Tepper


“Rico Besserdich’s images are symphonic masterpieces.”