Aquatic Imaging Portfolio

Rico Besserdich - aquatic imaging

Aquatic Imaging Portfolio

‘Aquatic Imaging’ is the art of imaging utilizing water as the key element of expression. It is not bound to the underwater realm, it can be realized wherever water exist.

The element of water alters our vision and impressions. Known forms transition into new, unique, and often startling creations, often beyond our expectations. Whether it is an entire ocean, a lake, a river, a pond, or a single drop of water, the essence of liquid is transformative.

The potential of reflecting the relationship between mankind and water, building bridges between societies, cultures, and countries, uniting people, and awakening a greater environmental awareness; this is the goal. These images have one single purpose, a vision of global unity.

Artist’s Statement
“Mother Nature is the greatest artist and Water is one of her favorite brushes. I am an artist who is fascinated and hooked by the concept that the non-existing form of water is actually an endless form.

Not only in the arts but in life itself, Water plays a substantial if not even elementary role. No water, no life. My artistic approach is to not only express my deep connection to nature and the element of water but also to create photographic images that show new faces and expressions of an element everyone knows and needs.

I understand myself mainly as a sort of messenger, an artistic ambassador of Mother Water.
My images and artworks only reflect a very short and unrepeatable expression and thus are attempts to capture the form of the formless.”